In your fear, seek only love.

Once I had a sister. She was beautiful, funny, kind, loyal, generous, clumsy, silly, smart, happy, she was everything you could ever ask of a sister. She was my best friend, and she still is: cancer may have taken her away from me on a physical level, but she’s still with me, and forever will be.

I still talk to her, every day — and she often replies, too, somehow, be that while I sleep and dream at night, or by sending me little signs. I know it’s her sending them, and nobody will ever persuade me it isn’t so.

That’s why I believe it’s her who “asked” Iman to post this, and made me find this message first thing on top of my instagram feed today.

I miss you so much, Carola. I will be forever grateful that you are my sister.

(and thank you, Iman, too!)

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