Thru’ these architects eyes

The other day I was thinking of a (yet another) way to make an architectural presentation I’m working upon visually interesting, and I eventually settled on the idea of a tiny homage to women in architecture, of present and past days — so I literally assembled a collection of cutouts of full-figure pics of some of them, to be added to presentations instead of the usual stock images or *shock* *horror* those hideous CAD drawn “people”.

So far, I’ve collected silhouettes of Amanda Levete, Anna Maria Indrio, Annabelle Selldorf, Anne Tyng, Benedetta Tagliabue, Cini Boeri, Denise Scott-Brown, Dominique Gauzin-Müller, Dorte Mandrup, Eileen Gray, Jane Drew, Jeanne Gang, Julia Barfield, Kazuyo Sejima, Lina Bo Bardi, Marianne McKenna, Olajumoke Adenowo, Paola Antonelli, Patricia Urquiola, Patty Hopkins (because I’m not the BBC!), Sheila Sri Prakash, Teresa Sapey, and of course, Our Lady of Parametricism, the late Zaha Hadid.

(here’s some of them, all together, having a party!)

Of course, this is a very subjective list, but if you think I’ve forgotten someone that absolutely needs to be of the party (and I surely have), please let me know. Also, if you happen to have full-figure photos of your favourite women architects, please drop me a line — the highest resolution, the better, of course, but anything printable is welcome.

Thank you!

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